It’s been a little while since I looked through Katmai’s videos!

Katmai on book tour – 7.5 to 9 months from Erin McKittrick on Vimeo.

He’s grown so much, even since these were taken. He’s completely abandoned that cute seal-flop scooch, and now crawls quickly enough to get everywhere that way. I even saw him stand up without holding on for a couple seconds today, so who knows how long until he’s walking!

Katmai and I are happy to be back in Seldovia, in our cozy yurt in a snowy place. Now Katmai is rediscovering our whole home with his newfound mobility – and I’m discovering just how many interesting things there are to pull off the shelves! Things that roll and spin are still his favorites, though. The go-round above the woodstove, balls, cans of tomatoes, etc… Luckily he doesn’t seem too interested in touching the hot stove, but I’m keeping an eye on him. In fact, I’ve been wearing him around more since I’ve been home alone a few days, and he’s too mobile to leave anywhere while I get wood, chop a hole in the ice, etc… I’ve got a new rainbow-colored wrap, and Katmai still likes riding on my back. It’s been beautiful here, but I forgot to bring the camera for the first snowshoe trip of the winter yesterday!

The book tour went well, and we’ll do another bout in the spring, visiting California, Colorado, and Montana as well as a few more Alaska and Washington spots. The first printing’s sold out! (I’ve still got some books to sell if anyone wants Christmas presents, though!) But I’m tired of logistics and glad to be home. Hig has been in meetings in Anchorage, and will be home tomorrow. Dede’s in Minnesota right now, since her father Paul just died. It’s a sad thing, but happened peacefully. We’ll see her back here soon.

One last book event in Seldovia this Thursday 12/10 at 7PM in the multipurpose room!

Back home from book tour – Katmai’s fall video

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