snowshoeing with mom
Snowshoeing with mom

Today is winter solstice. Only six hours of light between sunrise and sunset. It’s long past dark, and rain is dripping down our windows. I hope the cold returns soon (before too much of the snow melts), but we’ve been taking good advantage of the snowshoeing opportunities in the spots of weather between blizzards and rain.

So I wanted to put up a bunch of pictures we’ve been gathering, from the end of the book tour, and our return back home.

snowshoeing with mom
Sleeping like a snow cone

snowshoeing with mom
On for the ride

snowshoeing with mom
Panda in the snow

snowshoeing with mom
Frost in the spruce

snowshoeing with mom
Frosted needles

snowshoeing with mom
Winter wonderland

snowshoeing with mom
In a new rainbow wrap

snowshoeing with mom
Bringing the NY Times photographer along

Katmai had a great time visiting all his relatives down south

Thanksgiving Trivial Pursuit (the guys eventually lost)

Grandpa John through the hole

Mastering the stairs (too bad for him we don’t have any in the yurt)

With aunt Valisa

A perennial fascination with spinning things

With nana Niki and aunt Tatyana

With uncle Scott

And now it’s almost Katmai’s first Christmas!

We aren’t huge Christmas people, but how bah-humbug can you be for a baby’s first Christmas? We decided it’d be fun to have a tree, at least – festively hanging from the ceiling. And I think I’ll make some Christmas cookies soon.

In the line to see Santa at the school Christmas program

Decorating the hanging Christmas tree in the yurt

Snow falls, turns to rain, and the holidays are coming

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