Warming his hands by the fire

We were hardly home this summer. And when we were, we had guests – a full house of both relatives and friends. Katmai went on 3 expeditions this summer, a week, a week, and finally – a month in the Arctic. So of course his blog has languished, but we’ve got a billion pictures of him. Here are some from our most recent journey (described in detail on the Ground Truth Trekking blogstart here for the first installment).

I have a mischievous plan

Tossing mom’s hat!

After two long book tour trips, and this long expedition, I am even more convinced that shaking up the usual routine leads to great leaps in development. In the course of a month, he’s become a chatterbox, speaking in 6+ word sentences often, and picking up new words as soon as we say them.

“Sand come off. Wipe on mom pants.”

“Pick red cran berries. Put in mom bag”

“Dead sscchh (fish) don’t jump. Eeeive (live) sscchh jump!”

“I see spruce tree. I see uh-oh tree. Uh-oh tree fall in Noh-tak. I see not uh-oh tree.”

“Buh (bird) fwying! Up in buu dye (blue sky)? No. Up in grey dye. Buu dye all bye-bye”

“Leaf float down in Noh-tak”

Wearing mom’s shoes

On the plane

What kid wouldn’t like spending nearly every day on some sort of beach, throwing rocks in the water? And pointing out every possible color of beach trash. “I see buu twash! Buu twash bad?” “Yes, trash is bad” “Buu twash bad. Purp (purple trash) bad?” “Yes” ….

Katmai throws rocks in a lagoon on the Chukchi

And the rest of the days either picking berries on the tundra or eating muktuk (whale blubber) amidst adoring crowds of village kids?

Picking blueberries with mom

Eating muktuk in Point Hope

Finding trash on the Chukchi coast

Carrying Katmai, I was carrying maybe 22+ pounds of him, another 20 or so pounds I’ve gained in pregnancy weight, and finally, a front pouch weighing maybe 5 pounds. So even though Hig had all the gear, I was fairly loaded. (It’s the front pouch under the coat that makes me look so odd – not the baby bump!)

All bundled up for rain

Berry face

Picking cloudberries

Katmai’s favorite was the cloudberries (poof berries to him), but he enjoyed all kinds.

Diaper changes in the chilly air? Not so cool.

“No wipe on butt!”

Charging down the mountain

“Pink walk stick!”

Walking a narrow sand spit on a Chukchi Sea lagoon

With dad in fall colored tundra

Posing on a caribou rack by the Noatak River

Arctic Adventures

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