This is part of project-based learning in our house. 4-year-old (5 next week!) Katmai has been developing origami designs. He made a video tutorial of this model, but decided “Pictures would be better, because then you have time to think at every step and don’t have to just pause it.” He took the pictures, and dictated the instructions for me to type.
instruction 1

1: Fold in half to make it a longer and skinnier rectangle.

instruction 2
2: Fold to the edge.

instruction 3
3: Undo.

instruciton 5
4: Fold to the edge the other way.
instruction 6

5: Undo.
instruciton 5

6: Pinch in the edges and push the top down.

instruction 8
7: Fold to the edge on the other side.

instruction 9
8: Undo.

instruction 10
9: Fold to the edge the other way.

instruction 11
10: Undo.

instruction 12
11: Pinch the edges in and squash the top down.

instruction 13
12: Fold out the top layer on all 4 sides.

instruction 14
13: Pick a side and fold all of it down with the back legs.

instruction 15
14: Fold the tip to the fold.

instruction 16
15: Fold the back legs over.

nstruction 17
16: Turn it over.

instruction 18
17: Push on the fold to hop it.

Katmai’s Origami Project: “Overturns Turtle” Tutorial

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