Since I’m totally distracted from doing real work by the ash falling on our yurt (see the Redoubt Volcano Eruption post on our Ground Truth Trekking blog), I thought I’d throw up a few more baby photos. Most of these are from the second half of Niki’s visit, so Katmai’s about 4 weeks old here.
Baby in wrap, in yurt
Katmai in his wrap in the colorful yurt

Grandma Dede looking at Katmai’s conehead pic in the background

Wearing baby in yurt

The view from Hig’s coat

First family photo

First family photo – our home

First bath

Three generations

With Niki in the wrap

Yurt party – nursing break

Just a cute face
We all took a 5 hour snowshoe up Barabara Creek on a really nice day. Katmai’s biggest adventure yet!

Snowshoeing with Andy and Demara and Niki

Diaper change on the snowshoe expedition. Cold!

Life inside and outside the Yurt

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